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All work leads to play. Jack is never a dull boy.

Jack has been seen on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Epic Rap Battles of History, Brick Stone News.


Jack Zullo




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Stephani has been shidding and farding nonstop since being cast in thie incredible show. Some of her most lucid childhood memories are going to Blockbuster and renting the SNL Best of DVD collections...also, Shrek. She currently performs on the Univited Guests sketch team at Westside Comedy Theater, and Postmates herself Korean friend chicken at 2 am.

Stephanie LeHane




Instagram: @keithsaltojanes

National Lampoon and internationally touring comedian whose video sketches have been viewed over 100 million times on that internet thingy. He also holds the Guinness World Record for Longest Improv Show at 150 Hours- 7 days of little sleep that he'll never do again. When he's not writing or globetrotting, you can find Keith hanging out at the World Famous Magic Castle where he is a magician member. Bow Bow Bow.

Keith Saltojanes


Samantha began studying at the Upright Citizen’s Brigade NYC Theater and caught the comedy bug. She moved to Los Angeles in 2016 regularly performing at UCB, The Pack, Flappers and The Clubhouse while working on her comedy music. She writes and performs voices for The National Lampoon presents: The Final Edition podcast. She has appeared on MTV, Cracked.com and Buzzfeed, and had her writing featured in McSweeneys. She was a featured performer at both the 2017 Los Angeles Musical Comedy Festival and Packchella. She recently brought back her solo show as Gen's Bootie Earthquake Show! at The Pack Theater.

Samantha Jan




Instagram: @itsajoyamia



Joya Mia Italiano is a Los Angeles-based actor, writer and comedian. She relocated to LA from NYC to star as “John Connor” in Terminator Too: Judgement Play, and “Tyler” in Point Break Live! You can see Joya as “Meg Ryan” in Tom Gun Live, every month at Catch One Nightclub.

Joya Mia Italiano

Eugenie (Los Angeles)

As a Detroit native, Carly moved to LA in 2005 and went all the way through the Groundlings as well as UCB to follow in the footsteps of great sketch and improv legends. Among other gigs, she's had supporting roles in the Open Road film Hit and Run, the Warner Bros Studio film ChiPs, as well as a guest spot on NBC’s Parenthood. Carly’s dream has always been and always will be to perform on the SNL stage; she just hasn’t decided yet if it will be as a cast member or a guest host.


Judy (Los Angeles)


Christopher DeMaci has guest-starred and co-starred on network TV shows including Criminal Minds, Chuck, The Cape, Jimmy Kimmel Live!, and House M.D. Christopher has worked with stars Linda Hamilton, Tim Russ, and Keith David just to name a few. Critics have proclaimed Christopher to be “both accessible and scary…the mind - the intellect - the wit...here is where Christopher DeMaci is at his best.”

Christopher Demaci

Tino (Los Angeles)



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Mark Towns is a Texas-born actor/musician/composer/writer/comedian. His TV credits include appearances on Emmy-winning TV shows, Veep,and Desperate Housewives. A virtuoso guitarist, Mark and his award-winning Latin Jazz band have delighted audiences across the U.S., Latin America, and Europe.

Mark Towns

Dan & Tony (Los Angeles)

FB: facbook.com/AdamLauActor
IG: @adamlau

Adam Lau was just an ordinary guy, until one day he did the unthinkable: audition for a play. Now he's discovered a transformation on the stage, and he's going to leant that being an actor isn't easy. Returning to the stage after a two year hiatus from other great original works like "The Experiment" "Broadway Noir" and Trixie the Musical", Adam Lau is: The "working" actor. Rated PG-13

Adam Lau

Steve & Chris

Chrisi produced the twice award winning sci-fi comedy web series, “D.I.P.S.,” the web series “Dario Undiscovered” for R&B artist Dario, and wrote and directed the show,Airplane, LIVE!, voted one of the top 5 comedies of the Hollywood Fringe Festival.

She is a veteran improvisor gracing stages in Chicago (including the Second City MainStage), Atlanta and Los Angeles where she has also coached teams and taught. You can currently find Chrisi giving talks about gorillas, elephants, otters and more at the Los Angeles Zoo.

Chrisi Talyn-Saje


Social media:@ladybugtalent


Non-conformity is the supreme pose of artistic expression. To the same stroke on a masterful canvas, simplicity is to sophistication as power is to the bold. Street Photographer, Painter and Actor.

Bryce David Harrison

Phil & Chevy



Ray was born and raised in Chicago and studied at Second City. Very excited to be part of the show. Thanks to Jack and the cast and crew. Enjoy the show!

Ray Chao




Twitter/IG: @jbenjami28


Jeremiah Benjamin has taken to the stage as an assortment of singing/dancing mythical creatures, crazed demonic menaces and the occasional human since arriving in the great playground of LA by way of Portland OR where he previously worked as a pipe fabrication engineer and aerobics instructor.


Recent stage credits: Baki the Satyr in the Hollywood Fringe Festival's premier of "Horny, the Musical", Mister Kazoo in Theatre Macabre (an acclaimed Grand-Guignol immersive experience) and Bottom in Downtown Repertory Theatre's production of Midsummer Night's Dream. He is also a playwright and member of the Alliance of Los Angeles Playwrights.

Jeremiah Benjamin


Riley Schuett

is a Comedic Actor and Writer based in Los Angeles. He is currently studying Improvisation at The Groundlings Theatre in Hollywood. He can be seen performing standup at open mics all over the Westwood area. When he is not performing, you can find him serving pizza in Beverly Hills, where he is known for such hits as “Is that for here or to go?” and “would you like a drink with that?”

Riley Schuett



IG: iamstevewhittle

Steve is an actor, cartoonist, and comedian living in Santa Monica, CA. You can see him perform regularly at Westside Comedy Theater, The Improv Space, and FanaticSalon. He is currently producing two shows: STEMprov, an improv show inspired by Science, Tech, Engineering, and Math as well as Pun Shout!!, a word play game show.

Steve Whittle



Demo Reel


"There are no small parts, only small actors."

Louie Mandrapilias



Twitter, Instagram TikTok: @TheChadLittle


My improv career began when my mom signed me up for an improv class through the city of Rancho Cucamonga. I went kicking and screaming, but now I can't imagine my life without it.

Chad Little


Keenan McCarthy is an actor based in Los Angeles. His background includes much improv and theatre having trained at the Improv Asylum in Boston and the Groundlings in Los Angeles. His stage credits include playing Riff Raff in Rocky Horror Picture Show and Linus in You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown.
When he’s not acting, Keenan is also a storyboard artist and illustrator.

Keenan McCarthy


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